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Performance is a critical factor for investors; but often it’s not what’s most important to them.


In a post-Madoff world, the three factors with the greatest influence on investor decision-making are:


  1. What You Stand For: Your INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL is what motivates investors to place capital at risk with you. They need to understand what you believe in, and appreciate what you’re attempting to achieve. 

  2. Who You Are: Your PERSONAL INTEGRITY qualifies you for consideration by investors. Lacking confidence in your character and reputation, they will dismiss your performance and your ideas.

  3. What Others Think of You: Your CREDIBILITY must be validated by respected third parties, to provide investors with the confidence they require to consider you as a financial fiduciary.


Andrew + Selikoff Partners provides fund managers, wealth managers and investment advisors with the marketing strategy and tools they need to gain the greatest advantage from these three selection factors. We tailor programs designed to address your firm’s unique culture, resources and aspirations.


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