Are You Really Marketing... Or Making Tactical Soup?

B2B firms invest significant dollars and hours creating and maintaining a broad range of marketing tactics that may or may not demonstrate economic value. Most often, the value of marketing activity gets measured in tactical terms -- such as volume of media exposure, website traffic, webinar attendance, email click-through rates, awards for civic participation and social media “Likes” and “Followers,” rather than by tangible business outcomes such as lead generation, conversion rates, acceptance of new service offerings among existing clients, or revenue per associate. When this situation exists, a B2B firm is not really marketing; it’s making Tactical Soup. Here are 3 ways to get out of the

Marketing Best Practices for Alternative Investments

Although the lion’s share of alternative funds have yet to dip their toes into Lake Transparency, some small funds are cutting a path for the rest of the industry, in terms of smart marketing...if that’s defined by how clearly they explain their value proposition, and by how well they create investor interest. Although it doesn’t provide a complete picture, very often you can gauge a fund’s marketing savvy by its website, which in our online world serves as the mother ship for a company’s brand. So based solely on their websites, here are two small funds that can serve as examples of marketing best practices: Monterey, California-based Topturn Capital – a single, low volatility hedge fund, a

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