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To Win New Clients, Your B2B Firm Needs to Understand "Career Risk"

To address career risk, your top marketing priority is to position your B2B firm as a safe choice.
Career Risk is the #1 Factor in B2B Firm Selection

In a perfect world, the most experienced and qualified B2B firms always win the business.

But in our real world, prospects apply a very different selection factor.

Prospects will always be more concerned with the career-related risks involved in hiring any outside resource. Bluntly, they fear that if the firm they select fails, then they will pay a price.

What’s the price they can pay?

Taking the blame for a selection that wastes time, money, and opportunity can affect their career advancement, their salary & bonus, and even result in termination.

A prospect’s career risk management strategy will always be to select the “safe choice,” (usually the largest or best-known candidate) when picking an outside advisor. Qualifications are far less important.


To address career risk, and to win clients, your top marketing priority is to position your B2B firm as a safe choice.

Here’s what that means:

1. Creating “Credibility Tools” that provide direct or indirect 3rd party endorsements

2. Making those credibility tools highly visible and easy to find on your firm’s website

3. Providing solutions to challenges and opportunities that “safer” competitors can’t deliver

To learn how to position your B2B firm as a safe choice (and other capabilities you need to grow your business), give us a call.


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