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B2B Marketing Communications that Gain, Keep and Grow Customers

"Highlander is, hands down, the best marketing and PR consulting firm

in the business."

    - Senior Managing Director

      International Wealth Management Consulting Firm

New Game. New Strategies.

Marketing communications has changed forever. Customers have taken the buying process into their own hands, conducting nearly 60% of their own research and due diligence before they contact your company.*

Most of the buyer's journey is conducted online, in advance of contacting a supplier
Here are 3 marketing communications realities


If you’re not consistently visible online, you're not in the game.


If you’re not educating prospects, you’re considered a commodity.


If you’re not positioned as a "safe choice" you won't make the short list.

At Highlander Consulting, our senior-level professionals create and implement tailored online and offline marketing communications solutions that help companies to gain, keep and grow customers. 

*Sources: Corporate Executive Board Marketing Leadership Council/Forrester/Google research

Our Capabilities
Strategy + Branding

Marketing is what you do. Branding is who you are, and why people should trust you.

Content + Digital Marketing

If your content isn't generating new customers and revenue, then it's not working.

Marketing + Public Relations

First a coherent business strategy; then relevant tactics. Not vice versa.

Thought Leadership

A critical capability in a world where customers size you up before they contact you. 

Clients We Serve

Highlander Consulting serves B2B firms that deliver a broad range of services to sophisticated customers in these highly competitive industries. 

Professional Services
Financial Services
Legal Services
Accounting Services
Management Consulting
Business Process Outsourcing
Technology / SaaS
Capital Markets
A "Less is More" Approach
 That Delivers Tangible Results

Our Marketing Craftsmanship® approach is designed to drive consistent customer growth without wasting time, money, and opportunity on ineffective tactics.

How We Help
Tailored Solutions
To B2B Marketing Challenges

We connect the dots between marketing activity and business outcomes.

No cookie-cutter solutions.

A marketing communications agent that delivers results.

 Here are some of the goals we achieve: 

Marketing agency helping a B2B company
Establish Marketing Discipline

We develop and apply marketing communication solutions in a strategic, consistent and accountable manner. No one-off tactics, only activity that delivers tangilbe business results.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company gain market position
Gain Market Position

We gain market exposure and valuable 3rd party endorsements for your firm's intellectual capital. This market presence and credibility provides the raw material necessary to shape opinions and influence decisions. 

Marketing agency helping a B2B company to generate business
Generate New Business

We increase your firm’s win rate in RFIs, RFPs, and competitive shoot-outs. More importantly, we help you create de novo opportunities in which there are no competitors.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company increase customers
Increase Conversion Rates

We build market perceptions of your firm as a "safe choice." This increases your win rates, and converts new business leads and inquiries into meaningful conversations and revenue opportunities.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company build thought leadership
Build Thought Leadership

We increase market awareness, credibility and respect for your people, products, services and intellectual capital. This brand equity serves as the cornerstone of an effective B2B marketing strategy. Without it, you are viewed and valued as a commodity.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company to increase market awareness
Drive Top-of-Mind Awareness

We keep your firm top-of-mind with target audiences at every stage of the sales cycle. This ensures that your brand is in front of clients, prospects and referral sources as they identify, evaluate and select solutions.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company
Communicate Corporate Transactions

We help your company to communicate effectively with internal and external audiences in connection with mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and bankruptcy. We are affiliated with Clear Thinking Group, one of the nation's leading advisory firms in value creation and value preservation.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company to communicate effectively
Influence Investment Decisions

We help public companies, fund managers and financial product providers to deliver their value proposition to investors and consumers in a clear, compelling manner.

Marketing agency helping a B2B company to shortern its sales cycle
Shorten the Sales Cycle

We help your company to hi-jack the buyer's journey by creating effective direct solicitations that engage prospects, avoid RFPs and eliminate competitors.

Evaluate Your Firm's Marketing Capabilities 

Our Marketing Self-Diagnostic Tool will help to identify areas of your current marketing communications program that may need improvement. Our 10 questions will provide valuable B2B marketing "best practices" insights. Let us know how we can help.

Marketing Self-Diagnostic Tool helps identify marketing best practices
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What Our Clients Say

“Highlander is, hands down, the best marketing and PR consulting firm in the business. I put out an RFP, and of 22 responses, we chose them because of their unique approach to marketing our firm. They are creative, smart and understand the nuances of delivering the right message.”    

— Senior Managing Director, International Wealth Management Firm

“They provide very thoughtful and objective guidance on very sensitive and sometimes controversial issues. I respect their judgment and counsel and feel very fortunate to have Highlander provide us with their services.” 

— Senior Vice President, National Healthcare Services Provider

We maintain discretion regarding who our clients are.

We are happy to provide qualified prospects with contact information on our current and former clients. 

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