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Traditional thought leadership seeks to control the conversation. Enlightened thought leadership seeks to manage the conversation by deciding what topics and what voices are worth attention. This is a far more powerful position, in terms of market credibility.


Now that customers have taken the buying process into their own hands (studies show at least 60% of their analysis and due diligence is completed before they contact your firm*), you need the following to demonstrate enlightened thought leadership through:


  • Top-of-mind Market Visibility

  • Non-self-serving Intellectual Capital

  • Consistent Management of Relevant Conversations

  • Proper Merchandising of 3rd Party Endorsements


Branded Interviews can help your company get noticed, be appreciated, and succeed in a marketing world that’s been turned upside down. This low-cost, high-value content delivers third-party endorsements, brand credibility and top-of-mind awareness through interviews of influential individuals on topics of interest to your customers and prospects.

Branded Interviews: The First Step
Towards Enlightened Thought Leadership

Branded interviews help professional services firms stay top of mind on the issues that are most important to clients and prospects.


In addition to reducing the time and expense involved in pursuing a 'traditional' approach to thought leadership, this program has proven highly successful in enhancing leads, driving revenue, and strengthening key relationships.


We'd be happy to share those success stories and discuss how Branded Interviews can work for you.


* Source: Corporate Executive Board Marketing Leadership Council / Forrester/Google research.

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