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B2B Marketing Services Agency

We help you to gain, keep and grow customers.

Marketing + Public Relations

Marketing has changed forever. Companies have taken the buying process into their own hands, conducting nearly 60% of their own research and due diligence before they contact your company.

So here are the new marketing realities:

  • If you’re not consistently visible online, you're not in the game.

  • If you’re not educating prospects, you’re excluded from the game. 

  • If you’re not a thought leader, you’re considered a commodity.


At Highlander Consulting, our senior-level professionals design and implement online and offline marketing solutions that help companies to gain, keep and grow customers.  How can we help you?

* Sources: Corporate Executive Board Marketing Leadership Council / Forrester / Google research

Most of the buyer's journey is conducted online, in advance of contacting a supplier
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Why we wear kilts, eat haggis and act grumpy.

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