Facing the #1 B2B Deal-Killer

In new business development efforts, B2B firms of all types are often challenged by prospective clients with this question: “Do you have any experience working for companies in my industry?” Very often, the answer to that question can be a deal-killer for B2B firms without an appropriate client list or some other means to demonstrate industry-specific credentials. Lacking the proper “just like me” credentials, some firms will argue that the skills and experience they currently possess can be applied across all types of industries. And although this may be true, that response typically fails to convince the prospect, and can even backfire. Because most companies believe their situation and th

When Size and Performance Really Don’t Matter: The Fund Marketing Dilemma

There’s plenty of solid evidence to demonstrate that fund performance and fund size are not what’s most important to investors. But many asset managers stubbornly refuse to accept those new realities of asset accumulation. The longstanding skepticism of fund managers regarding the value of marketing has some merit, because most of the evidence to support investment in related activities is supplied by marketing firms. Last year, however, a small Connecticut-based investor relations firm – Chestnut Advisory Group – engaged Rivel Research Group to produce some of the most objective and compelling evidence to support the premise that neither size nor performance are the primary fund selection f

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